Turtle Wax Black Spray Detailer 680ml

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Turtle Wax Black Spray Detailer fills in minor scratches and swirl marks with a blend of carnauba wax and polymers. Make small dings and scratches on your vehicle a thing of the past with this easy-to-apply formula. Turtle Wax jet black spray detailer allows you to do a quick touch-up on your vehicle with minimal effort. It's a useful accessory to have on hand to keep your vehicle looking pristine. The no-streak formula provides optimal results with each application. Use this spray detailer for black cars to get rid of fingerprints so your vehicle retains its original finish. Make sure to rub it in with a soft microfiber cloth, then turn the cloth over to buff the finish for an attractive shin.

  • Blend of carnauba wax and polymers
  • Multiple applications provide additional shine and protection without streaks or build-up
  • Turtle Wax spray detailer works well on both clear-coat and conventional finishes
  • Professional results with the ease and convenience of a spray detailer
  • Spray detailer for black cars has an easy-pump trigger
  • 23 oz of product per bottle
  • Spot test on an inconspicuous portion of your vehicle to ensure the proper color matches