Cyclo Silicone Spray 284g

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The Cyclo Silicone Spray's industrial-grade formula has an extra heavy-duty concentrate of high quality silicone for maximum performance. Silicone keeps two surfaces apart so they slide smoothly and easily without friction. Plus, it virtually dries to the touch. This silicone spray is perfect to use for locks and hinges. It provides superior lubrication for a variety of materials from metal, rubber, and even plastic. Say goodbye to those annoying squeaks!

Cyclo Silicone Spray Features:
  • Synthetic oil-free formula
  • Superior lubrication for metal, rubber and plastic
  • Prevents sticking, freezing and squeaks
  • Reduces friction and seals out moisture
  • Use for locks, hinges, and sliding mechanisms
  • Great for rubber seals, hoses, and gaskets
Cyclo Silicone Spray Specifications:
  • up to 250% more silicone than other brands
  • Low VOC formula
  • 12 pack
  • Weight: 10 oz. net wt./ 283 g
  • Shelf life (from date of manufacture): 10+ years
  • Large operating temperature: -40° to +400° F (-40° to +200° C)
  • NSF Certified